The Start of New Traditions

Welcome to our blog and thank you for visiting us…
The blog of Computer Sciences Group is officially launched now!!!

Today, it will be a new beginning for CS students. A new chapter…
Today, we begin our CS Blog with the very first post, and hopefully it will be the first of many more to come. ::claps::

Firstly, we would like to explain the reason behind the inception of this blog. After taking into consideration factors such as the environment, efficiency, effectiveness and cost, we decided to break old traditions from today onwards. For the past few years, producing yearbooks has been expensive, time consuming and not environmentally friendly. Additionally, some students may lose their yearbooks. So, let’s save our earth now by stopping the usage of papers in the production of our yearbooks. And what better way to do it than start our own blog! 

Starting from today, we are going to have our own blog to facilitate the distribution of our yearbooks. Now, we can download our yearbooks as electronic e-book here, view it through our own desktop, laptops and any other devices which has internet access. If you accidentally deleted your yearbook, you can always re-download it here! 

The gap between the juniors and seniors are reducing each year. Everyone is getting closer and through this blog we can all contact our seniors and juniors. We can get to know about the latest news and most recent activities here. With the appearance of this blog, information about us will spread faster and much more efficiently as compared to the traditional way of keeping paper yearbooks for every year. ::amazing::
In the past, most of us don’t have the chance to contact each other’s due to reasons such as cost for calling using phone, shy and lazy, even though we have the contacts of everyone in hand. Start from this second, we get the two ways communication where each computer sciences school members can give the comments, suggestions through the blog. We can always feel free chat here and share our feelings here anytime. Even for some of the graduated students, you all still can visit this blog after you all graduated from computer sciences school.

So, kindly leave your comments or suggestions in the blog. Your constructive criticism and cooperation is appreciated by us. Hope you will enjoy the time when visiting this blog.

Thank you.

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